HICS for Executive Leadership
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HICS for Executive Leadership Training

DQE’s HICS for Executive Leadership course provides hospital leaders with a functional understanding and appreciation of healthcare all-hazards emergency management with an emphasis on incident planning, prioritization of response objectives and event leadership. This time-sensitive training focuses on three operational components of a Hospital’s Emergency Management Program – the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), and the Hospital Command Center (HCC). The program concludes with a facilitated tabletop exercise.


Held at your facility, lecture, case studies, and facilitated group discussion are used to educate leadership about the practicality and functionality of the Hospital Incident Command System and how its use increases operational efficiency.

Duration: 4 hours (maximum of two courses per day)

Class Size: Up to 50

Class Location: On site at the client hospital


HICS for Executive Leadership on-site training course includes:

  • An introduction to Comprehensive Emergency Management with emphasis on plan activation and deactivation, community-wide plan integration, and continuity of critical operations.
  • National standards and regulatory compliance impacting healthcare emergency management practice.
  • The benefits of developing an emergency management program that are all-hazards in design.
  • A walk through on how to apply the HICS principles to health care organizations.
  • Instruction on how to initiate and apply the HICS program at your facility.
  • A discussion on how to expand and contract the HICS hierarchy depending upon the incident.
  • Finding the cost benefit of effective management by objectives.
  • Development of efficient hospital incident management teams.
  • The role and function of an HCC in an emergency/crisis event.
  • How a health care system can incorporate the use of incident command system-wide and establish a functional Hospital Command Center.


HICS for Executive Leadership includes a subscription to DQE-on-Demand® eLearning HICS program to supplement instruction and to serve as a resource for training additional staff.

  • Instructs on topics including emergency management, planning, program implementation, ICS command structure, activation, and decision making.
  • Includes case studies and examples throughout each animated module to ensure better understanding and enhance confidence.