Decon Accessory Guide

Use this guide to help find decontamination accessories that will enhance your facility’s decon capabilities.

1. Choose Your Shower System

DQE offers a wide range of portable decontamination systems that are easy to set up, clean, and pack away.  Whether you need full privacy, partial privacy, open systems for gross field decon or non-ambulatory decon, we have you covered! DQE systems come with a shower, collection pool, and elevation grid(s), although items can be purchased separately.

Decontamination Shower Systems

2. Add Pumps and Hoses

Manage the water flow in and out of your decontamination equipment, while maintaining the safety of your decontamination site.

Water Supply Hoses

Wastewater Hose & Pumps
(To remove wastewater from the collection pool)

Hose Connectors
(For connecting to fire hoses and supplying water to multiple shower systems)

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3. Keep Wastewater Contained

It is important to contain the decon wastewater during the decon event.  DQE carries a collapsible water containment bladder in various sizes (custom sizes available) as well as a simple, clean 55-gallon barrel.

Containment Tanks

4. Organize Your Decon Area

Using tarps, zone tape and waste receptacles will help keep the decon area tidy and organized for safety and efficiency.

Decon Area Organization Supplies

5. Need More Privacy?

Add privacy during the decon process or for post-decon evaluation in the field.

Privacy Supplies

6. Tools for Cleaning

DQE carries a variety of supplies to assist with the personnel and equipment decon cleaning process.

Cleaning Tools

7. Keep People Safe

Consider these important tools to help people and staff through the decon process.

Decon Safety Supplies