Evacuation Training Courses

Staff Orientation Training

Orientation courses provide all hospital staff with a broad introduction to hospital evacuation.

EV101: Hospital Evacuation Orientation (8 minutes)
This course provides hospital personnel with a general overview of the evacuation process. Students will better understand the multiple steps and responsibilities associated with the evacuation procedure and know how to respond appropriately to an evacuation.

Response & Leadership Training – Movement Teams

Training for personnel assigned to move and stage patients in the evacuation process.

EV110: Introduction to Hospital Evacuation (18 minutes)
This course discusses the evacuation decision-making process, along with a review of the various types of evacuation and alternatives to hospital evacuation that must always be considered. This course introduces essential evacuation concepts that will be used in other courses.

EV120: Emergent Evacuation (16 minutes)
This course describes in detail the process and various steps associated with emergent evacuation of non-patient, general inpatient, critical care, and specialty care units.

EV130: Non-Emergent Evacuation – Overview (30 minutes)
This course describes in detail the process of urgent and planned evacuation and addresses the method for classifying patients based on their mobility level, patient preparation activities, and appropriate discharge procedures.

EV131: Non-Emergent Evacuation – Process (12 minutes)
This course addresses the sequential process of moving patients during a non-emergent evacuation situation. It starts with defining movement teams, temporary patient care and staging areas, and designated incident managers. The course concludes with a review of the actual sequence of patient flow and elevator coordination procedures.

Response & Leadership Training – Management & Planning

Training for personnel responsible for mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery activities, and incident management.
Prerequisite: Response & Leadership Training – Movement Teams

EV140: Evacuation Planning, Training & Exercises (20 minutes)
This course assists hospital personnel in planning, preparing for, and carrying out the multi-faceted process of a hospital evacuation. The course addresses specific preparedness measures, plan activation criteria, and training and exercise considerations.

EV151: Evacuation Command & Control (17 minutes)
This course sets forth the roles, focus, and functions of incident management in the process of evacuation. It begins by describing the relevant elements of incident command and the organization of the Evacuation Branch that manages the process. The training concludes with a discussion of the process for calling in additional staff, determining patient dispositions, and tracking patients to their destinations.

EV160: Evacuation Logistics (18 minutes)
This course discusses the primary logistical considerations associated with the process of hospital and patient evacuation. The training addresses the resource-related issues needed to maintain continuity of care, including
staffing, supplies, and equipment. It concludes by describing the process for preserving the integrity of the physical plant and considerations for post-evacuation recovery of the hospital.