Decontamination Training Courses

Staff Orientation Training

Orientation courses provide all hospital staff with a broad introduction to patient decontamination.

HD101: Hospital Decontamination Orientation (10 minutes)
This course provides hospital personnel with a general overview of the decontamination process so that they will know how to react should they encounter a contaminated patient or be asked to support the activities of the Decon Team.

OSHA – Awareness Level Training

Annual Awareness Level training is required for hospital personnel who may encounter a contaminated patient or be called upon to support the decontamination process, but are not part of the hospital’s Decon Team. This training addresses hazardous material recognition, identification, and response, as well as plan activation and notification. Instruction includes an overview of decontamination and personal protective equipment (PPE), a review of pertinent regulatory requirements, and an overview of an emergency decontamination operation.

HD110: Introduction to Hazardous Materials (11 minutes)
This course provides an overview of the hazardous materials problem, emphasizing the impact of a chemical release on the community and the hospital.

HD111: Contaminant Identification (22 minutes)
In this course, viewers will understand which critical questions can be answered by contaminant identification and how this information may impact a response. Learners will become familiar with a variety of reference materials and will also gain an understanding of how to interpret information related to contaminant identification.

HD112: Initial Contact – Recognition, Avoidance, Isolation & Notification Procedures (8 minutes)
This course reviews the steps necessary to properly recognize a contaminated individual, how to limit the risk of secondary exposure, and the procedure for implementing the hospital’s emergency response plan.

HD113: Decon Team Organization (9 minutes)
This course covers the Incident Command System, or ICS, as it applies to an emergency decontamination operation and will detail the standard operating guidelines for each role or sector in the response.

HD114: Emergency Decontamination Operation (EDO) (16 minutes)
This course provides a detailed overview of an emergency decontamination operation from the point of patient presentation and code initiation through the actual decontamination process, concluding with Decon Area cleanup procedures.

OSHA – Operations Level Training

OSHA requires annual Operations Level training for hospital personnel who are expected to decontaminate victims or handle them before they are thoroughly decontaminated. This training fulfills the didactic portion needed for certification and includes training on recognition, notification, and activation procedures, Decon Area setup, and the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This training also addresses topics related to incident management, communication, and personal roles and responsibilities. Prerequisite: OSHA – Awareness Level Training

HD210: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (14 minutes)
This course provides a good working knowledge about personal protective equipment (PPE) including when it’s needed and what components make up a typical PPE ensemble. It also discusses the various levels of protection
and when it is appropriate to upgrade or downgrade the level of protection. In addition, the maintenance and care of this equipment will be discussed.

HD211: PPE Donning & Doffing (21 minutes)
This course demonstrates the step-by-step process of donning and doffing personal protective equipment or PPE with a variety of respirators.

HD212: Decontamination Theory & Practice (18 minutes)
This course focuses on the physical decontamination process and describes suitable locations for conducting decon. Learners will be able to compare fixed and portable systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each
of them. Finally, the nuances in managing localized HazMat events versus incidents resulting in mass casualties, is also discussed.

HD213: Patient Decontamination Process (8 minutes)
This course demonstrates methods for the actual cleaning of patients in the various modes of presentation. It is intended to instruct Decon Team members who will function as the Operations Team in an Emergency
Decontamination Operation, or E.D.O.

HD214: Decontamination Area Setup (15 minutes)
This course focuses on the practical theory behind setting up a Decon Area in the safest and most efficient manner regardless of its location or style of decontamination equipment Decontamination Program Support Training.

HD230: Case Study – Emergency Decontamination Operation (7 minutes)
This course brings all the previous lessons together. In this program, the full decontamination operation from the perspective of the Decon Unit Leader is presented.

Decontamination Program Support Training

HD311: Decontamination Program Implementation (23 minutes)
This course helps hospital decontamination program administrators understand how to plan create, and sustain a decontamination program.

HD313: Post-Incident Management (10 minutes)
This course instructs participants how to critique a response, ensure the safety of the responders, perform post-decon cleanup and disposal procedures, and follow-up with documentation.