Decon Instructor Development Training
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Decontamination Instructor Development Training

The Decon Instructor Development Training helps a hospital build the internal training resources needed to enhance and maintain their staff’s patient decontamination and hazardous materials response skills. The emphasis of the course is on instructor training – teaching instructors how to sustain their current decontamination capability and prepare others to become active members of the hospital’s Decon Team.

In an effort to provide ongoing support to newly trained instructor(s) and maintain your decontamination capability levels throughout the year, this training course also includes a one-year subscription to DQE’s What’s NextTM Decontamination Sustainment Program.


The Decon Instructor Development Training Program combines lecture, hands-on skill training, student proctored demonstrations, and curriculum delivery instruction to prepare attendees to become a decontamination trainer at their facility.

Duration: 6-8 hours

Class size: Maximum of 5

Class Location: On site at the client hospital


Participants of the Decon Instructor Development Training need to have completed the DQE Operations Level course within the past 12 months and be familiar with their hospital’s decontamination standard operating procedures, Emergency Decontamination Operations Plan, Emergency Operations Plan, and all associated decontamination and personal protective equipment.

Upon completion of the Instructor Training, participants should be able to demonstrate and instruct the following items proficiently:

  • Recognition, notification and activation procedures for an Emergency Decontamination Operation (EDO)
  • Decon Team roles and responsibilities, the use of incident management, and documentation requirements
  • Setup and dismantling of a decontamination corridor
  • Donning and doffing chemical protective clothing
  • Selection and use of respiratory protection
  • Decontamination procedures for ambulatory, semi-ambulatory, and non-ambulatory patients
  • Proper procedures for managing a multiple casualty HazMat incident
  • Product identification using various reference materials and resources
  • Clean up objectives after an EDO

In addition, the DQE instructor will cover topics including:

  • Levels of training the facility can provide
  • Organizational overview to support various training levels
  • Troubleshooting as it relates to decontamination procedures and equipment
  • Practical use of the DQE What’s Next™ Sustainment program, DQE-On-Demand®, an extensive eLearning program designed to standardize the required educational material and support the training activities of the instructor


This training course includes one-year subscriptions to DQE What’s Next Decontamination Sustainment Program and online training via DQE-On-Demand.