Chemical Spill & Release
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Chemical Spill & Release Plan

An internal chemical spill is any event in which an uncontrolled release of a hazardous substance occurs that poses a risk to health, safety, and property. Management of such an occurrence within the hospital is regulated by OSHA and are classified as either being incidental or requiring an emergency response.

The Chemical Spill & Release Plan augments the hospital’s existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and incorporates the fundamental principles of all-hazards emergency management. The plan provides for the proper identification, notification, and management of hazardous substance releases; staff safety, roles and responsibilities; and proper clean up and disposal methods consistent with regulatory requirements.


The hospital forms a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary planning team that will be actively engaged for the duration of the project and attend the on-site hazardous substance spill training. The Chemical Spill & Release Plan development process leverages a highly-collaborative planning model that is facilitated by DQE through a series of remote and/or on-site consultation and utilizes a proprietary planning tool that focuses on:

  • Clear delineation between incidental releases and those requiring emergency response
  • Proper handling, labeling, inventorying of and replacing hazardous chemicals with less toxic agents
  • Training requirements and objectives for employees expected to clean up spills
  • Personal protective equipment requirements


The Chemical Spill & Release Plan addresses:

  • Mitigation measures, preparedness activities, response actions, and recovery strategies
  • Clean up procedures for incidental spills
  • Procedures for spills requiring an emergency response
  • Procedures for spills involving injury or contamination