DQE Launches Micro-Hospital Decon System

Micro-hospitals and freestanding emergency rooms are popping up all around the country due to their convenient locations and around-the-clock availability. Like larger, traditional hospitals, these facilities must meet CMS guidelines and have an Emergency Operations Plan in place to address hazard vulnerabilities. Consider a scenario where a contaminated patient enters the building and needs decontamination, is there a plan to address this situation? DQE’s Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System provides a simple, professional, and affordable approach to patient decontamination.

Micro-hospital patient decontamination for HazMat decon
Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System (HMK1090)

Micro-hospitals have little storage space for decontamination supplies. This reusable decontamination system is quick to set up and easily stored in a small closet. The Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System includes supplies for:

  • Setting up a private decontamination area with the DQE Decono® Shower
  • Managing water going through the shower and pumping wastewater into the holding tank
  • Disrobing and thoroughly decontaminating the patient
  • Organizing supplies in storage to be ready for the next event

For more information on the Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System and a complete list of the supplies offered in this package, go to dqeready.com/MicroDecon.