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New NIOSH toolkit for Protecting First Responders from Illicit Drug Exposure

A new virtual toolkit from NIOSH is intended to help protect first responders from exposure to illicit drugs. Illicit drugs include fentanyl, opioids, cocaine, cannabinoids, methamphetamines, heroin, cathinone, etc. This free resource features sharable training videos, infographics, and postcards.

    First Responder safety measures for reducing illicit drug exposure

    Nearly 254 Pounds of Deadly Synthetic Opioid Captured in US Border Agency’s Largest-Ever Fentanyl Bust

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced Thursday their biggest fentanyl bust ever, saying they captured nearly 254 pounds (114 kilograms) of the deadly synthetic opioid from a secret compartment inside a load of Mexican produce heading into Arizona. The drug was found hidden Saturday morning in a compartment under the rear floor of a tractor-trailer after a scan during secondary inspection indicated “some anomalies” in the load, and the agency’s police dog team alerted officers to the presence of drugs, Nogales CBP Port Director Michael Humphries said.

      Grants for Opioid-Response Initiatives

      If your agency does not have funding within its budget to cover much-needed equipment such as ppe for protecting your staff, trace detection machines to safely identify the substance, or Narcan kits to administer to those who have overdosed, here are several grant-funding options you should consider to cover these costs.