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New NIOSH toolkit for Protecting First Responders from Illicit Drug Exposure

A new virtual toolkit from NIOSH is intended to help protect first responders from exposure to illicit drugs. Illicit drugs include fentanyl, opioids, cocaine, cannabinoids, methamphetamines, heroin, cathinone, etc. This free resource features sharable training videos, infographics, and postcards.

    First Responder safety measures for reducing illicit drug exposure

    DQE Shower used in Birmingham’s Shaken Fury Exercise hosted by FEMA

    The Shaken Fury Exercise focused on a simulated major earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee that will impact middle America including the state of Alabama. The exercise was designed to test communications, situational awareness systems and networks; simulate coordinated responses during structural damage and life-threatening mass casualty incidents; and coordinate responses to a HAZMAT incident caused by the earthquake.

      HazMat Responders Setting up DQE Decon Shower

      Stop Tanker Truck Leaks Fast with the DQE Adjustable Dome Clamp

      When a MC 306 and DOT 406 tanker truck carrying hazardous chemicals is involved in an accident and rolls over, the danger of chemicals leaking from the dome lids is high. A dome clamp is used to prevent leakage and hold down the dome lid, but changes to dome designs have made existing dome clamps… Read more »