Safety First with the DQE Decon Utility Stool

The decontamination environment can be stressful for contaminated victims, especially when they are distressed with chemical exposure. A place to sit is helpful to steady victims inside the decontamination shower, as well as throughout the decon zone. Now DQE has a solution for safe stability with the new Decon Utility Stool.

The DQE Decon Utility Stool provides a stable place to sit during the decontamination process. A rubber pail is stored between the stool’s legs for easy access to soap, brushes, and other decontamination supplies. This stool can be used for responders and contaminated victims alike in the decon zone. Victims will appreciate a place sit to while washing away all contaminates. Responders will appreciate that the stool is sturdy and backless to accommodate the wearing of an air pack.

The Decon Utility Stool is made of high-density, industrial-grade PVC, with sturdy cross-legs and moderate height. The built-in, removable Non-Sparking Pail under the stool provides a convenient storage. This Decon Utility Stool and pail is non-sparking and chemical resistant, so it can be used in a hot zone environment.

The Decon Utility Stool is sold exclusively through DQE and is just one of a family of DQE emergency decontamination accessories. Visit to view the full assortment of DQE decon products.