The DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled, a Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution for Non-Ambulatory Building Evacuation


DQE today announced the acquisition of the Slyde Evacuation Sled, an innovative expansion of its emergency evacuation product line. In the event of fires, natural disasters, attacks or other emergencies, moving injured or immobilized individuals can be a challenge. The DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled offers an easy to use, cost-effective and reliable solution to evacuate non-ambulatory occupants from any multi-story building. This exciting evacuation transportation device is a perfect fit with DQE’s philosophy of bringing high-quality, practical, and affordable equipment to the healthcare and emergency response community.

Made in the USA from high-strength polypropylene, this compact, lightweight transport sled is built to quickly and easily slide people in a horizontal evacuation to a safe place on the floor, a vertical evacuation using an elevator or going up/down stairs, or over uneven terrain to escape from harm. The Slyde Evacuation Sled is available in two sizes: Standard and Bariatric. Both take only seconds to prepare for use, with instructional graphics printed on each unit for simple setup.

Unlike evacuation chairs and other medical evacuation devices, which can cost thousands of dollars, the Slyde provides enhanced quality and safety within a budget-friendly price point. The addition of an emergency transport sled to any multi-story building evacuation plan could be lifesaving and now with the Slyde, it’s not cost restrictive. This space-conscious evacuation sled folds completely flat and stores in stacks of five units in a storage sleeve. The size won’t restrict the flow of stairwell traffic in evacuation situations.

For increased safety while descending stairwells, additional accessories include a Stairwell Belay System and Stairwell Belay Storage Box. More information on the DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled is available at