Stop Tanker Truck Leaks Fast with the DQE Adjustable Dome Clamp

When a MC 306 and DOT 406 tanker truck carrying hazardous chemicals is involved in an accident and rolls over, the danger of chemicals leaking from the dome lids is high. A dome clamp is used to prevent leakage and hold down the dome lid, but changes to dome designs have made existing dome clamps less-than-ideal. In many tanker trucks, the dome seal is not in the middle of the dome. Responders need a clamp that’s adjustable. The DQE Adjustable Dome Clamp features a unique offset pressure plate that creates an ideal relation to exactly where the dome seal is, to stop leaks fast.

Made in the USA and newly released by DQE, this dome clamp is unlike any other clamp in that its patented design is fully adjustable, yet fast to install. To prevent further release of the product from a tanker truck spill, spread the clamp legs to latch over the ring lip and then press the quick lockdown clamp lever to secure the pressure plate. The aluminum frame easily extends to latch over MC 306 and DOT 406 style equipment. Use the unique offset pressure bolt to precisely position the driving force over the dome lid. The pressure bolt may be turned out to further adjust the pressure level. The Adjustable Dome Clamp is just one of a variety of DQE hazardous materials tools. Visit to view the full assortment of DQE hazmat response products.