Staying Vigilant with Ebola Healthcare Preparedness

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease continues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 3243 total cases and 2169 deaths as of late October 2019. Recently, a Swedish hospital was reminded of the critical need for Ebola preparedness. A patient arrived at the Skane University Hospital on September 30, 2019, running a high fever after traveling in a region of Africa stricken by Ebola. The hospital placed the patient in isolation after discovering the patient’s travel history to an area where Ebola is present, and a fever.

Ebola Preparedness

Healthcare workers and public health officials worked together at the Swedish hospital to draw and analyze samples, which ended up being negative for the Ebola virus disease. This case is a reminder to keep facilities prepared to rapidly identify, isolate, and treat a patient who could potentially have the viral hemorrhagic fever.

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