CMS Announces Actions to Address Spread of Coronavirus

In an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, CMS announced that effective immediately and, until further notice, State Survey Agencies and Accrediting Organizations will focus their facility inspections exclusively on issues related to infection control and other serious health and safety threats. This shift in approach will allow inspectors to focus their energies on addressing the spread of COVID-19.

CMS has released two memos that provide critical answers to common questions nursing homes and hospitals may have with respect to COVID-19. Concerns such as the following are addressed:

  • How to screen staff and visitors with questions about recent travel to countries with known cases of COVID-19.
  • What severity of infection would warrant hospitalization instead of self-isolation?
  • What is the process for transferring patients between nursing homes and hospitals in cases for which COVID-19 is suspected or diagnosed?
  • When should providers take precautionary measures (like isolation and mask wearing) for patients and residents diagnosed with COVID-19, or showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention Concerning Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19):

Read the full CMS press release here